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Date of
Date of

Oferta sepcjalna na czas ograniczeń epidemicznych "Room service” oraz posiłki z Kuchni Letniej Bonifacio "na wynos"

Zgodnie z rozporządzeniem Rządu, nasze restauracje pozostają zamknięte.

Proponujemy Państwu skorzystanie z trzech opcji gastronomicznych:

  • Usługa „room service” – dania serwowane do pokoi,
    • Menu śniadaniowe (serwowane w godzinach 7:00-11:00)
    • Menu obiadowe oraz kolacyjne „a la carte” (serwowane w godzinach 13:00-21:00)
    • Menu Lobby Bar (serwowane w godzinach 11:00 – 23:00)
    • Karta Win (serwowanych w godzinach 11:00-23:00)
  • „Kuchnia Letnia Bonifacio” – usługa dań na wynos
    Specjalne menu  weekendowe Szefa kuchni oparte na produktach sezonowych
    (serwowane w dniach piątek – niedziela w godzinach 13:00-21:00)
    • Lobby Bar
      • usługa sprzedaży napoi i alkoholi w opcji „na wynos”
      • nocne menu w opcji „na wynos”


Informacje szczegółowe i składanie zamówień:

  • Podczas meldowania się w Hotelu Goście otrzymują kilka zestawów menu ze szczegółowymi informacjami dotyczącymi zakresu, godzin serwowania produktów i sposobu rezerwacji.
  • Podczas pobytu w Hotelu, w razie dodatkowych zamówień lub uwag zachęcamy do kontaktu z osobą pełniącą obowiązki Kierownika Restauracji poprzez bezpośredni kontakt telefoniczny (pod numerem 731 852 523)
The land of delight - healthy meals for kids

Top quality products

When fresh, natural products of high quality are found in the hands of our boss there is an explosion of flavors on the plate.

Have a seat in the restaurant overlooking the glade and savor our cuisine based on traditional recipes and the principles of healthy eating. It’s the richness of tastes that counts.

Impressive sports infrastructure

In the à la carte restaurant the exquisite dishes interweave with simple seasonal dishes, but whatever the choice taste is always the reigning feature.

Our cooks reach out for local meats, vegetables and fruits from organic crops, forest mushrooms and spice them with fresh herbs. Enjoy the traditional cuisine in a modern edition and the cuisine of the south of Europe.

Slow Food cuisine

Slow Food Certificate

The enjoyment of food is linked with responsibility, sustainability and harmony with nature, and the preparation of dishes is raised to the rank of an art form. Despite the love for Mediterranean accents, we do not forget about regional products made using traditional methods that meet the stringent quality requirements.

That is why we have been honored with the Slow Food certificate. Please take a seat with us, take a break from everyday life and savor the taste and smell without haste.

Our cuisine is made of the flavors of:

  • White cottage cheeses from a small dairy in a nearby town made from milk of cows grazing on green meadows by the Wkra River
  • freshwater fish from nearby lakes and rivers
  • yellow goat milk and cow milk cheeses delivered by the family-run, award-winning cheese-making factory in Grzybowo with more than a century of tradition in the craft
  • hand-smoked deli meats and cured meats
  • bread baked specially for us in a nearby bakery
  • fresh vegetables, herbs, eggs, pork and poultry from traditional local farms
  • jams, marinades and other products produced by us using old Polish methods
  • quince, cherry and dogwood fruit liqueurs and other home-made tinctures
  • honey, mushrooms, wild berries and wild game from the prairie forests
  • herbal oils and, the recommended by dieticians, linseed oil from a local certified factory
Darek Ratuszniak

Darek Ratuszniak

chef of BoniFaCio restaurant

"In our cuisine the quality of the products and the creation of a seasonal menu is the most important. There is no room for monotony, we want to be in harmony with the surrounding nature. What might be important for a part of our guests - we respect the variety of nutritional preferences and willingly prepare gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan dishes."

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