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Picturesque Glacial Valley of Wkra

BoniFaCio Spa & Sport Resort is located on a forest clearing near Sochocin, about 70 km north of Warsaw (near Płońsk, Ciechanów), about 24 km from Modlin Airport, only 6 km from the national road no 7 (exit Szymaki). 

The location is not random, on the one hand there is the proximity of Warsaw and on the other - the picturesque scenery of the Wkra valley unknown to mass tourism.

Be active in
the surroundings of nature

The hotel has a full sports infrastructure including an indoor and an outdoor pool, tennis courts, grass pitches, a gym and children's playgrounds.

In the surrounding woods and meadows of the Wkra glacial valley we have marked clearly visible running and bike trails. You can go kayaking from river wharf located 3 km away from the main building (we have professional water equipment).

Malowniczy szlak kajakowy

Ciekawa okolica

W bezpośredniej okolicy BoniFaCio znajduje się wiele atrakcji turystycznych, idealnych na krótkie wypady. Do najciekawszych należą:

  • Pradolina Wkry – jeden z najbardziej malowniczych szlaków kajakowych w Polsce
  • Szlak Drewnianej Architektury Sakralnej – przepiękne, kilkusetletnie modrzewiowe kościółki w Sarbiewie, Królewie i Malużynie
  • Sanktuarium Maryjne w Smardzewie
  • Ruiny Zamku w Ciechanowie
  • Muzeum Szlachty Polskiej w Ciechanowie
  • Muzeum Romantyzmu w Opinogórze
  • Muzeum Wsi Polskiej w Sierpcu
  • Twierdza w Modlinie 
Our own equestrian school

For lovers of nature

The forests around the hotel are a pristine area full of animals, plants and fruits typical for the regional cuisine of the local towns (Płońsk, Smardzewo, Ciechanów). We use them in the hotel restaurant as a basis for natural, healthy dishes.

Spend with us
unforgettable moments

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