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Nature in a Glass

Creative and fun workshop for those who value original design and a little bit of nature in your work or home interiors. Workshop is led by a professional florist designer and each participant can take its work home. 


Integracje dla firm

Organizujemy niezapomniane eventy integracyjne - nie boimy się wyzwań! Tematyczne przyjęcia, koncerty, eleganckie bankiety, a wiosną i latem pikniki na świeżym powietrzu. Możliwości jest wiele! Jesteśmy elastyczni i otwarci na nowe pomysły. Wspólnie stworzymy szytą na miarę Waszych potrzeb imprezę, która na długo pozostanie w pamięci. 

W BoniFaCio do wyboru jest wiele rodzajów aktywności, dzięki czemu bez problemu połączymy imprezę integracyjną wraz z atrakcjami dla firm i team buildingiem. A jest z czego wybierać! Poznajcie nasze propozycje na udaną zabawę w zespole!



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team work

Eco Project

Great team work activity focused on wilderness protection and our cooexistance with the environment . Participants will design, make by hand and paint wooden birdfeeders and birdhouses. Afterwords, group will go to the forest and place their crafts in carefully chosen locations. 



Beautiful area of the Wkra river

A picnic by the river

A high embankment with picturesque views of the river and countryside - ideal for a picnic. You can walk there marching with Nordic walking sticks, riding a bike, or catching a ride. On spot a tasty barbecue with drinks and then relaxation on loungers or blankets. Or an active rest, because the surrounding area allows you to set up badminton courts and various team competition.

Several kayaking trails

Kayaking on the Wkra river

Without having to leave for the Masurian Lakes we offer a lovely Wkra river and kayaking trips organized there. The unsettled Wkra with a mild current and the forest complexes surrounding it form a little known but very attractive kayak trail.

For those who love kayaking and for those who want to start their adventure with this sport Hotel Bonifacio has prepared several trails from which everyone will find something interesting. We recommend the green route: Quiet, without having to move the kayaks.

The required time is about 1.5 hours. On the way, beautiful views of the meadows and forests of teh Wkra Valley. An ideal idea for a joint company trip in close contact with nature. Group tours are always held under the care of a lifeguard and instructor.

Experienced instructors


Precision, a steady hand, a calm head, but also reflexes. These skills will be checked during the competition at the Chotum shooting range (25 km away) or near Płońsk (15 km). Competitions with hand guns (Glock17) and long guns (AK47) aiming at shields, and in Chotum also dart shooting.

All shooting takes place under the supervision of experienced instructors, which guarantees maximum security.

Professional equipment to rent

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is easier and more effective than many other disciplines. A march with sticks - after a good mastery of the technique - activates 90% of the whole body muscles. For comparison: swimming - 65%, jogging - 60%. Besides, with an incomparably smaller amount of effort than in other disciplines, you burn more calories in an hour - 400kcal, while a normal walk consumes 280kcal in the same time. We propose to leave the stuffy room and engage in an activity, which will not only stimulate, but also affect the psychological well-being of the participants.

The group will use the help of an instructor to master the marching technique and take a walk to the beautiful woods around Hotel Bonifacio. We have professional Nordic Walking equipment and have trained dozens of satisfied people for whom Nordic Walking has become a daily activity. Walking time is set according to customer needs.

A great selection of activities

Sports activities for groups

As part of our sports offer, taking into account the group's preferences, we realize the following forms of classes:

  • aqua aerobics
  • healthy spine
  • fitness (Tabata, general training, thigh training, abdomen and buttocks, crossfit, peripheral training, functional training)
  • Mobility training (mobilization of fascia with rollers, balls and rehabilitation gums)
  • running training,
  • swimming
  • training pilates
Wide selection of cycling routes

Bicycle tour

The hotel offers a wide selection of Kross and Scott bikes. A wide variety of cycling routes, of varying lengths, guarantees good fun and optimal training for people of all levels. On request we organize tours with an instructor.
Relaxation for everyone

Three-dimensional recreation

Relaxation is the essence, but everyone relaxes differently ... One relaxes actively because he likes to tire, the other would rather not go anywhere, but would like to spend time on the water, the third dream is just a pint of cold beer ... We have a proposal suitable for everyone. The group will be divided into 3 teams. The first will go for a cycling trip, the second will go for kayaking and the third will visit the Ciechan Brewery.
Great fun for groups

Kayaking Photo-orientation

We invite you to go kayaking on the Wkra. The Wkra is an extremely picturesque river, rolling its clear waters amid the gentle hills of moraine and flowered meadows. The Forest touched the river in only a few places, mostly on the high banks of the valley. In order to make the kayakers more alert, we suggest searching for spots on the trails that will be photographed by each crew.
Ideal for team integration

Walking photo-orientation

Walking photo-orientation, ie a map, a compass and an adventure! The participants divided into teams set off from the most beautiful place near the hotel - a charming scarp on the banks of the River Wkra. Equipped with maps and navigation devices, they try to reach the hotel as quickly as possible, finding and matching checkpoints along the way. An unforgettable adventure for groups and a targeted proposition to integrate your team!
A large number of area attractions

Cycling photo-orientation

We invite you to a bike tour. There are forest paths, rural gravel roads, Mazovian willows, wooden church trails, the Marian shrine in Smardzewo, the meandering river Wkra. Teams will venture out on a route provided with a map of the area (where they have marked locations) and the pictures of those points. The time and number of correctly assigned images is what counts.
A combination of practice and theory

Health at work

With your well-being in mind, we created our own "Health at Work" program, which includes:

  • activities on mats - a combination of "healthy spine" activities, stretching and mobility training (only loose, comfortable clothes, no shoes needed)
  • short lectures and presentations on regeneration, training and diet

This way employees will learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, both at work and at leisure.

Additional benefits:

  • increased prestige of the company related to a friendly and modern look at the employee
  • strengthening the employee's relationship with the company
  • fewer medical exemptions are used in connection with ailments of mobility
Holiday ornaments

Christmas Decorations Workshop

Sentimental travel in time to childchood holiday dreams. This fun and easy workshop will give its participants  a great opportunity to design and create fairy tale Christmas wreaths, while listening to holiday season songs.


Wojtek Żbik

Wojtek Żbik

Sales & Revenue Manager

What really matters is to understand our customers preferences and needs. That’s why we’re flexible and open to meet all their expectations. We’re sure that our well-coordinated team and the excellent business and recreational infrastructure of the BoniFaCio hotel allow us to organize even the most demanding and unusual trainings and conferences. There are no challanges that we cannot meet.

Professional gaming equipment


Waterpolo - a discipline that combines the spirit of team-oriented ball sports with the value of moving in the water. Bonifacio Hotel's indoor swimming pool is equipped with professional waterpolo equipment. We organize waterpolo matches at the highest level.

Regardless of the age and gender of the participants, the participants will play exciting matches that will guarantee great fun in the spirit of competition. A proven way to successfully integrate your team!

Great fun for groups

A sport tournament

The tournament, or actually a sports tricycle will consist of three disciplines: beach volleyball, water polo and football. The teams will play a series of exciting matches in each of the disciplines. Each team player must compete in at least one competition. The results of each competition will be summed up and will determine the winning team.

On request we can modify the discipline of choice: football, basketball, cross country, mini triathlon, beach volleyball, waterpolo, tennis, boule. The tournament is worthy of the highest rank: we provide cups / medals, diplomas and prizes for teams that will be on the podium.

Excellent sports infrastructure

Team sports

The highest quality sports facilities at the Hotel Bonifacio give you unlimited opportunities for active leisure time for business. We organize team sport games in selected disciplines:

  • football basketball
  • beach volleyball
  • beach soccer
  • water polo
  • boule
  • dodge ball and others

Each match is played under the supervision of the referee. Those who do not participate in the competition are in the fan zone.

Great fun for the brave

Scavenger Hunt

We propose an interesting and proven field game of Scavenger Hunt! It is a game where one group pursues the other and they perform different tasks along the way. The level of difficulty and variety of tasks is limited only by the imagination of the participants.

The skills of the participants do not matter - only fun is important! A scavenger hunt gives you the most joy if you are in the field. The forest around the Hotel Bonifacio is ideal.

Warning! We also organize Night Scavenger Hunts! Great fun for the brave.

Wibit professional pitch

Pool volleyball

You can play volleyball on the beach, on the pitch and the hall, and now also in the water! We organize volleyball matches at the pool! You do not have to be a professional player or a great swimmer. Everyone can feel the spirit of competition and have a great time playing volleyball in the water. Our swimming pool has a safe depth of 1.4m and is equipped with a professional Wibit pitch.

Pool volleyball games are a great idea for entertainment and group integration. Nothing like teaming up like team sports! Would you like to see the team working together? Check how well it can merge your team!

An extremely exciting game


We offer a very exciting and emotional game, which will give participants the knowledge and skills to survive in extreme conditions!

Our Survival Game is a few hours trip to the forest dressed up as training where we practice:

  • Day navigation
  • Night navigation
  • Navigation to natural terrain items
  • Burning fire
  • Filtration, purifying and boiling water
  • Construction of a shelter
  • Finding and preparing meals in survival situations
  • Rescue and signaling techniques
  • Construction of survival equipment
Interesting mental puzzles


We will invite participants to the world of mind games. We will put mental puzzles in XXL format before the participants, requiring the involvement of a little muscle use and collective thinking. Each piece will require teamwork and good role-sharing for the people responsible for the concept and implementation. The task of the group is to solve all the puzzles.
Lots of joy and good energy

Drum workshops

Making music together in a cheerful atmosphere on the most popular African drums. The fun is to learn the basics of West African melodies.

Hot African rhythms will not leave anyone indifferent, providing a lot of joy and good energy. Workshops will take place in several groups. Then the groups will meet and each will present their own rhythm that they mastered during the workshop. Finally, a concert of all the participants.

Extreme running course with obstacles

Bonifacio Forest Challenge

New in the season! An extreme course with obstacles in the forest around BoniFaCio Hotel. It's fun for big kids and brave tough guys who like to "muddle" in the mud. Participants have a chance to experience the adventure of a lifetime as we have "diversified" the cross-country trail in the forest and the area around the Hotel BoniFaCio and turned it into one big playground.

You do not have to be an athlete to finish running. You only have to have the desire to overcome your weaknesses. The amount of obstacles and an interesting route is a test of body and mind of the participants. Would you like to see the team working together to overcome obstacles? See how much this event can merge your team!

Own breeding of Polish horses

Horse Riding

Hotel Bonifacio has its own Polish horse breeding. It is a Polish breed of horses, which are durable and very calm, but at the same time unpretentious and gentle. Suitable for both adults and children. Our horses perfectly manage in the team and under the saddle. We invite you to an equestrian training school, where under the guidance of qualified trainers participants learn the driving technique and learn how to care for these beautiful animals.
Fun to improve balance


The Segway is a two-wheel, single-person electric vehicle powered by built-in batteries, controlled by an onboard computer that is responsible for maintaining balance. The vehicle can develop speed of up to 30 km / h. Segway is guided by tilting the driver's torso in the right direction.

This causes an imbalance. The computer striving to restore it moves the vehicle so as to prevent it from overturning. The effect is Segway's movement in a given direction. Enjoy learning and playing with Segway vehicles.

Workshops with the Chef

Italian day

Our guests will be introduced to the atmosphere of the day, during which the Chef will present the secrets of preparing traditional Italian pasta. Then a glass of prosecco as an aperitif before a real Italian feast. The Sommelier will help you to understand and appreciate the wines of the Apennine Penninsula, all by the sound of music directly from Sunny Italy.

the sales department

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