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Attractions for children

An Original Kiddie Zone Program

Small people are a big deal for us. And we have a lot to offer them. From hotel facilities to weekend animations.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 21:00 our animators take all the kids to the world of adventure, sport, fun and education. You spend the weekend together but the hours you choose can be spent separately.

sports challenges for the youngest

Kiddie Sports Academy

Lying with a book by the pool is not the highlight of the day for children. A definitely better and fun ideas, under the guidance of the instructor, are games, races, diving lessons - or rather an underwater treasure hunt.

Every sports activity can be transformed into a fascinating and wisely spent time - and our instructors know it very well!

Joanna Andrzejewska

Joanna Andrzejewska

Manager of Sport and Recreation

"All the children are ours - in simple words: we love children, and children love us. This relationship, on which we base our work with the youngest, guarantees satisfaction and success in our playtime together. The hotel and its surroundings give you a versatile and weather-independent creative time. There is no room for boredom or routine and while we play we constantly learn interesting things about the world around us "

outdoor adventures

The Enchanted Forest

How many ants are there in an anthill? Where do roe deer sleep? How do you build a hut?

Our forest classes are an adventurous expedition to our local jungle every time. Do not be surprised when your child no longer wants to play the Playstation - with our animators the surrounding reality is more interesting than the virtual one.

Healthy meals for kids

The Land of Delight

Can you offer delicious and healthy meals to children? Can discovering different flavors be a fascinating adventure for kids? How to encourage an fussy eater to finish dinner?

Our cooks have ways to make that happen and present them in a special restaurant zone dedicated to young Guests.

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