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The Polish horses - it literally translates as our Polish horse!

At BoniFaCio we breed representatives of this historically important breed.

Without typical stables, our steeds named Grecja, Gruzja and Morita, as well as a beautiful and well-placed stallion named Humin, enjoy their freedom. They are trade show award-winning mares of a rare genetic line (their ancestors were bred by Count Zamoyski).

Forest horseback riding

Breeding of the Polish horse

Beautiful, persistent, wise, brave. Of gentle character and adequate height for children but strong enough to work saddled up with adults.

The ability to observe horses moving gracefully completes the idyllic climate of BoniFaCio. At dawn you may sometimes experience the trampling of hooves, while at sunset you can enjoy the sight of a peaceful, grazing stud of horses around the hotel. And if you want to take a horse for a walk, a trot or a gallop over the forest trails - our instructors will be at your disposal.

Equestrian specialists will introduce you to the world of passion for horses.

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