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A family friendly hotel

In order for the family to enjoy a quiet holiday outside the home, the hotel must take care of the tiniest details. It is not enough to set up a children's table in the corner of the restaurant and seem like a friendly place for the whole family.

We care about the many details that are important for the safety of the youngest and the comfort of their parents and that is what we have been honored for with the highest prize in the Friendly Family Hotel contest.

Our facilities

BoniFaCio provides a range of facilities for families with children, including:

  • A baby cot
  • An extra bed linen and towels
  • A cordless kettle
  • A bottle warmer
  • A non-slip mat for shower or bath
  • Step stools at the reception and in the general toilets
  • Children's chairs in the restaurant
  • A culinary zone dedicated to children  called the "Land of Delights"
  • An indoor Kiddie Zone (playroom)
  • An outdoor Active Baby Zone
  • The care of 1167animators
  • A rich educational and sports program within the Bonifacy Bunny Club

Please note: Prior to the weekend stay, please make advance reservation for the facilities to be provided in your room.

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