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Dear Guests,

We look forward to seeing You in our Hotel after the lockdown due to Covid-19 epidemic. 

Our team is more than ready to welcome you again and provide you with the best personalized service that Bonifacio Spa & Sport Resort is famous for. 

We implemented all the necessary safety regulations and put even more emphasis on well being and undisturbed relaxation of our Guests. 

It would be our great honor and pleasure to host You again in beautifull surroundings of Wkra River Valley. 

Bonifacio Team 

For the safety of our Guests and our staff, we urge you to cover your mouth and nose when in public areas of the hotel



  • This Code may be changed to comply with the requirements of  any new regulations announced by the government setting out specific safety rules applicable to hotels.


  • All staff including managers have been trained in hygiene and safety rules and procedures applicable during the pandemic. Each trained and approved member of our Team will receive an internal Bonifacio Safety Certificate.
  • All hotel staff is equipped with face masks or plastic shields, gloves and disinfectants, and is required to use them in accordance with the Regulation.
  • Every day before starting work, each staff member has his/her temperature taken. A staff member showing any signs of illness will not be allowed to work. 


  • At the time of booking, all Guests are asked to certify that, to the best of their knowledge, they are healthy and they do not pose a risk to other persons staying at the hotel. 
  • Hotel staff has the right to refuse to accept any Guest manifesting obvious signs of illness.
  • A non-contact thermometer is used by the Reception staff to check the Guest’s temperature in case of any doubt.
  • During check-in, Guests are asked to keep an appropriate distance from other Guests.
  • Only one person is allowed at the Reception desk during check-in and payment. 
  • A designated waiting space has been arranged in the Reception area.  
  • Guests are separated from the Reception staff and the check-in procedure is simplified and non-contact.
  • Electronic room key cards are disinfected each time.
  • Reception countertops, telephones, payment terminals and other public surfaces are regularly disinfected.
  • An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is available at the Reception desk.
  • At check-in, Guests are informed about the Bonifacio Code and are asked to certify that they have acquainted themselves with its provisions.
  • Disposable masks, disinfectants and disposable gloves can be bought from the Reception staff.  


  • Room cleaning service is provided using disposable masks and disposable gloves.
  • In addition to standard cleaning operations, all countertops, handles and hotel equipment are disinfected.
  • Before check-in, each room is thoroughly aired and disinfected. 
  • The afternoon room service is limited to the change of towels and dirty dishes and disinfection of the entrance to the room (door, handles).
    • Guests are asked to place towels to be changed in special bags and leave them outside the room door.
    • Bathrobes will be changed no more than once every two days.
    • Guests using room service are asked to leave dirty dishes outside the room door.
  • In the case of stays longer than two days, additional cleaning service will be provided (only with the Guest's consent and during his/her absence in the room).
    • Changing of the bed linen
    • Cleaning of the bathroom
    • Tidying of the bedroom
    • Disinfection of room furnishings and equipment


  • Hotel restaurants remain closed, and all meals are available via room service and delivered to the room.
  • Guests can order drinks in the Lobby Bar & Café via room service or for takeaway.
  • Hotel staff in contact with Guests is required to wear face masks or plastic shields, disposable gloves and cook’s hats (in the case of cooks who are in contact with Guests)
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the back room area, and staff members are required to wash and disinfect their hands and workspaces regularly.
  • Meals are issued in accordance with HAACP standards and with applicable government restrictions and regulations.
  • Guests can order meals for takeaway.


  • At the entrance to the Wellness & Spa zone and other recreation areas, hand sanitizer dispensers are available, and Guests are asked to disinfect their hands.
  • Before taking SPA treatments, Guests are asked again to have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer.
  • All surfaces, countertops, cosmetics, equipment and treatment rooms are regularly disinfected.
  • The Wellness & Spa staff is required to wear face masks or plastic shields and disposable gloves.
  • The SPA & Wellness equipment used by Guests is disinfected after each Guest.
  • Chlorination and water quality parameters are regularly monitored.
  • After closing, the SPA & Wellness zone is ozonated.


  • All children irrespective of their age are allowed to stay in the Animation Zone only under the supervision of a parent or an adult minder.
  • The Animation Zone staff will monitor, on an ongoing basis, the number of persons staying in the Animation Zone so as to comply with the social distancing and other requirements set out in applicable government regulations. 
  • The Animation Zone staff is dedicated to maintaining hygiene and disinfecting the equipment on a regular basis.
  • A hand sanitizer dispenser is available at the entrance to the Animation Zone.
  • The Animation Zone staff and instructors wear face masks or plastic shields.
  • In the evening, the Animation Zone is regularly ozonated.


  • All public spaces are regularly disinfected by dedicated staff (which includes, in particular, disinfecting door handles, lift buttons and countertops).
  • The “clean countertop” principle is applied – the number of products available directly to Guests is kept to a minimum, and products are issued to the Guest on request.
  • Particular care is given to disinfection of lifts and toilets.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems are regularly serviced by a  specialized service provider to ensure cleanliness of the entire installation, including the filter system.
  • In accordance with government restrictions and regulations currently in force, blow driers have been turn off from bathrooms.
  • Public spaces are regularly aired.
  • The lobby, catering, and SPA & Wellness areas are regularly ozonated at night time.
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