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Date of
Date of
25 of February 2014

From the very beginning, the Bonifacio SPA & Sport Resort team did their best for the youngest guests and their parents. After months of efforts and equipping the hotel with all the necessary amenities, we are pleased to announce that Bonifacio has been honored to become the official partner of the Family Friendly Hotel campaign.


For many families, especially those with young children, Bonifacio has become one of the best places to spend a weekend near Warsaw.

Friendly team, fantastic, full of ideas and patient animators, helpful waiters, wonderful peace-keeping staff, great lifeguard at the swimming pool running a swimming school, a forester telling about woods, a chef providing children's favorite dishes - our team make all the guests, especially the smallest ones, feel really welcome, relaxed and truly cared for.

We invite all families to discover the charms of Bonifacio SPA & Sport Resort - a hotel for any weather!

Zobacz co nowegow Grupie BFC
Zobacz co nowego
w Grupie BFC

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