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Amazing fun

Unique educational activities

Instead of hours spent in front of the TV - a theater workshop, a meeting with an astronomer or an archaeologist or even feeding animals in the forest shelter. Instead of another fast food - a workshop with the chef in The Land of Delights.

A stay at Hotel BoniFaCio, winter trips with BFC - every opportunity is good to meet with Bonifacy the Bunny and Friends. Our plush friend and his team invite children to develop different passions and discover new interests. Transport your child into a world of exciting games, fun and educational activities!

The concept of the Club:

The Bonifacy Bunny Club is an attractive program that encourages the youngest to engage in and develop a variety of passions. During family ski trips organized by BFC, children take part in educational activities in attractive form.

The rules are very simple - through various games and activities participants acquire the skills that will help them receive one of the four basic Bonifacy Bunny Badges:

  • Scout (Brave/Independent Bonifacy)
  • Artist (Creative Bonifacy)
  • Globetrotter (Boniface Curious of the World)
  • Athlete (Boniface Active)

Whoever wants to participate in a sports-artistic competition receives the plush Bunny. The mascot has got a special pin, which confirms the acquired skill. 

Basia Mojska

Basia Mojska

Animations for children
Sometimes parents do not want to believe that their children can spend the day without a cellphone and a tablet. We know that one day with Bonifacy Bunny and Friends is enough to enchant children with the analogical world and show them that adventure awaits them at every step.

The partners of The Bonifacy Bunny Club

A family friendly hotel

Hotel BoniFaCio SPA & Sport Resort

One of the best family friendly hotels in Warsaw, specializing in weekend and holiday stays for families with children based on the "Together but seperate" program, using the extremely picturesque environment of the green glacial Valley of Wkra and the impressive sports and recreation facilities.

BFC Travel Club

A Polish company specializing in skiing trips for over 20 years, especially for families with children of all ages. The varied program and standard of the holiday will make everyone find something special for them: a respite during the Bronze winter holidays, a loose club atmosphere during the Silver trips, and the highest standard of Gold stays. Our offer is a combination of active recreation and clubbing fun, during our stay we make ski training sessions, as well as original afternoon programs such as Toghther But Seperate®, Bambino Ski® and Fun & Snow®.

CMP Footwear

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