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Exceptional birthday party

This is the special day when the play room changes into a land of your child’s favorite fairytale, the pool becomes a kingdom reserved for pirates raging on water ships fighting for treasure chests and the surrounding meadows are the land only for young superheroes and their unearthly tricks and props. Team BoniFaCio is ready to organize your child’s birthday party.

As part of the birthday package we provide:

  • A variety of birthday scenarios and the possibility to organize the event according to individual wishes,
  • Pool animation, animation games, outdoor sports facilities, and playgrounds.
  • The care of professional animators
  • Children's menu (including a big cake, organic ice cream, fruit juices) and a separate menu for parents or an à la carte menu with a 10% discount
  • Free use of the spa and wellness area by the parents (treatments, rituals and massages, plus a 10% discount)

Sample birthday menu in the children's mini-buffet:

 Version I

  • Homemade tomato soup with noodles
  • chicken fingers in crispy breadcrumbs
  • chips
  • pancakes with vanilla cheese and fruit
  • mini pizza with ham and mushrooms

Version  II

  • chicken soup with noodles
  • grilled chicken fillet with blanched vegetables 
  • roasted potatoes
  • homemade yeast pancakes with roasted apples
  • mini steamed burgers with tomato and cheese

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