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SPA and pools

Get immersed, take a deep breath and relax...

You can have easy access to our swimming pools and saunas whenever you like.

The SPA zone offers a wide range of beauty treatments performed with natural Clarins cosmetics with the use of innovative ideas of the specialists of this company, known and appreciated by clients in Warsaw, all over Poland and in the world. The expanded Masovian spa enables its guests to relax well and to regenerate. BoniFaCio, a hotel possessing an indoor and outdoor pool, is a perfect place to relax after the treatment, which positions our Resort as the leader in the category of spa hotels.     

Our SPA zone located near Warsaw offers:

  • an indoor swimming pool with counter-current
  • an outdoor swimming pool, open in summer
  • a paddling pool for children
  • jacuzzi
  • dry sauna
  • steam sauna
  • sensation shower
  • relaxation room



This area comprises four rooms full of positive energy, where you may relax, experience peacefulness and harmony. Our mission is to make your time slow down and to make every moment unique. We want to spoil your senses, guess your needs and show you the way leading to the improvement of the quality of your life. We believe in the therapeutic power of the touch of our therapists' hands, as these specialists deeply understand the meaning of "wellness". That is why our offer abounds with manual therapies performed with the use of no capsules or machines.



Bonifacio S.P.A &Sport Resort offers you a unique form of therapy. To create a high-quality offer we employed the best specialists on the Polish physiotherapy market. We created a product called "BodyWork" by deriving from the latest achievements in medical sciences and by employing highly-qualified physiotherapists possessing a master's degree in this field. This product is a form of a deep therapeutic massage based on thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. However, if you prefer a traditional massage, you can enjoy a classic massage done by our professionals as well.


It has been obvious for a long time that the human organism is an integral unit in which all systems (the circulation system, the nervous system, the digestive system, etc.) interact with one another and may by no means be treated separately. As a result, if one system is overloaded, it immediately affects another system.  The structure that connects all these systems is the connective tissue. It is found everywhere, all over the human body. It wraps up each part of the human body, regardless of its size. The connective tissue is what builds up the fasciae, tendon sheath, but also the peritoneum, pleura, meninx, etc.

BodyWork is a deep therapeutic massage focusing on the connective tissue, which stems from the manual therapy and osteopathy.

During the BodyWork session the physiotherapist affects, with the use of the hands and in compliance with the principles of anatomy and physiology, the myofascial structures, intermuscular septums, muscles and muscle attachments and loosens them; as a result, the patient feels deeply relaxed and regenerated.

We make efforts to turn BodyWork into a key part of our offer, which distinguishes us on the market. That is why we improve the BodyWork techniques on a permanent basis to create our own 'unique option', which will result in developing new proposals in the BodyWork concept.

BodyWork BoniFaCio Balance

This treatment is recommended to everyone eager to experience the amazing effect of this form of manual therapy and this type of body work. It allows to free the body from painful tension and make you feel deeply relaxed. The therapy, preceded with a thorough interview and professional psychotherapeutic examination, is adapted to individual needs of a particular client.

BodyWork BoniFaCio Sport

When used before physical exertion, it allows to make the myofascial structures more flexible, at the same time it makes the body more elastic and well-prepared for the exercise. Thus, it prevents injuries which are so common when doing sports. If used after physical exertion, it is aimed to restore the proper muscle tone, to improve the blood and lymph circulation and, consequently, to regenerate the muscles, joints and the entire body as soon as possible.



A gym located in the forest will be opened in the direct vicinity of the hotel in the spring of 2014.  Our copyright sports programme is based on simple, natural forms of exercise in the conditions of the intact nature. 3000 m2 of the area were prepared to run trainings on all advancement levels, from the amateur to the professional. The equipment will be prepared and located so as to train particular muscles, to adapt to particular abilities or motor skills or to do a comprehensive training.

ForestGym will be constructed in the shape of a star, in which each beam comprises five exercises of the increasing difficulty. Thus, the more difficult the task, the farther it is from the centre of the star. Each beam is to fulfil a specific function shaping the element of the motor selected by the trainee, such as suppleness, strength, speed, endurance, equilibrium or balance. To improve a particular function one has to move along the beam devoted to it. The general training is done by moving along the circle.
In ForestGym you can move on your own, without the instructor, relying on your intuition. Optionally, you can choose to do the training with a personal trainer. In this case, the classes will be much more effective. Moreover, you get a guarantee that the exercise is done correctly and the training is adapted to meet your individual needs.

ForestGym will be a perfect tool for the training, so popular these days, which uses ever-changing functional moves performed intensively, for the functional training, strength training, static training, coordination training and many other training types. Moreover, ForestGym will be the venue of SPARTAN NATURAL competition, which is a challenge for the strongest.

Opening up soon


Sport and Nature


Picturesquely situated routes with diverse shape of the area. The routes will be used both for jogging and for comprehensive training, but they can also be used for the organisation of running competitions.

Walking with poles. Our trainer can show you how to get a better shape as a result of walking. NW is a very interesting form of exercise, involving the human system in more than 90%. We can teach you how to do it properly, how to build up the training and care for a good shape.

Tennis - our instructors can teach you how to play tennis on modern courts.

Here you can start your adventure with this sport, you can work on the technique, tactics and you can also play a sparring match. We plan to hold, on a periodic basis, amateur tournaments for children, the youth, adults and seniors.

We place at your disposal bikes of the renowned brand Scott. Our guests can use them at any time. You can also use the assistance of a trainer who can teach you the technique, use of the most modern suspension and drive or run an endurance training or a weight training.

Volleyball and beach ball
Guests have at their disposal two volleyball fields and a full-size beach ball field.

Full-size pitch - construction starts in November 2013

Swimming - 
Two pools: outdoor and indoor. Water provides great training and rehabilitation possibilities. Supervised by a trainer, you can do a technique training, a weight training or an oxygen efficiency training. You can also use the advice of a rehabilitation therapist in case of any injuries or bad posture.

Cross-country skiing
Across the forest

Kayaking down the beautiful Wkra river.